Sep 232010

Wall street: Money Never Sleeps is getting released in the US today. This is the third movie titled wall street. The first feature film was released in Dec 1929  and the second one ( Chart-buster starring Charlie Sheen and Michael Douglas) was released in Dec 1987. Strangely, markets saw a big crash in 1929 as well as in 1987.  In 1929, after the October crash, markets rallied in a counter-trend for a few month before embarking on the biggest decline in the history of the US markets. However in 1987, the crash of October 1987 marked a major low for the US markets and US markets rallied from there on.

Interestingly, there was a mini crash in May 2010 and there is still a bit of mystery surrounding this crash.  So will the 3rd wall street feature film mean anything for the US markets? Will it be like 1987 0r 1929? While this need not be an indicator of anything but nevertheless will be an interesting theme to watch out for.

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