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  1. sir i am g8 fan of yours . i want ur service in indian markets nd commodities market .do u provide any advisory service plse let me know nd wat r the charges . i am basically intra day nd positional trader

  2. Hi Jai,
    Greetings! I have been following you since quiet some time and have really liked your calls. I still recall the USD/INR call of 68 that you gave almost 2 years back (saw on CNBC-TV 18) and had all anchors writing you off and not too politely. I guess you would have had the last laugh all the way to banks 😉
    There are still more that can be quoted!
    I have been trying to subscribe to your services, but seems all subscriptions are closed. Please advise is you would be re-opening subscriptions or it would be these call by call payments for sometime to come.
    Keenly looking forward to subscription services (positional and investment calls, not able to do intra0day trades because of time constraints).
    Thanks & warm regards

  3. Hi sir,
    Would like to know more details about your
    Paid service.

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