Watch out for Central Bank

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Oct 212010

When a stock breaks out of a range, it often provides one of the best trading opportunity. When that happens on a day when the broad indices are falling, the stock deserves even more attention. The price action of Central Bank highlights this scenario. After a smart consolidation between 209 and 190, the stock has broken out of this range with expanding volumes on a day when Nifty ended 0.75% in the red. This stock is likely to be a mover in the next few days and may be over the next couple of weeks.

Central Bank - Daily Charts

Oct 192010

Many a times I have noted, big names, big firms botch Technical Analysis in their basics. When it happens, I usually mutter a few words to myself and just let them pass. But this time around, I've not been able let it pass.

Here is a chart from the technical analysis desk of a leading firm that has concluded that this is a trendline breakout:

If you notice the peak of the "trendline" starts from a point of comfort not the actual peak. And the middle of trendline is the only point where this "trendline" meets a peak of a swing of this "descending trendline". And there is no third point at all!!!!! Basic maths tells us that if you connect 2 points you can draw a line. In the past, I've seen many lines being called a trendline but this time around with just one point!!! Now, that is really a first for me!! 🙂 🙂

Sun TV risks a double top

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Oct 082010

Sun TV - Daily Chart

The daily chart of Sun TV (above) shows the possibility of a double top formation. However, it does not mean the stock will not cross 547-550 resistance, but the odds are against it. The double top potential would be realised only below 461. Once the stock starts trading below first support of 489 weakness is likely to set in. Hence, a prudent trader should wait for weakness to set in before attempting to short this stock.