Welcome to Cash The Chaos!


The stock markets are proverbially chaotic in nature. If one can understand the order in this chaotic disorder it is possible to cash the chaos and that is what we are about.

Let us face it, trading is a difficult business, and if you are a beginner it gets even tougher. Many people come to the market with the approach that making money is simply a matter of picking undervalued stocks and holding it. Though this might work in a bull market, it sure can turn into a huge financial blunder in a bear phase or bear market.

In today's world, with computerized trading and hedge funds dominating daily volume, profiting in the markets has become more about volatility and shorter swings than it is about long term trends. Without professional help one could run the terrible risks of having money in the market at the wrong time.This is where cashthechaos.com comes in.

Our goal is to help the Indian traders beat the stock market consistently and may be even trounce it using our market timing techniques and strict money management.

Why us?

We provide no waffle, crystal clear money making recommendations that are tracked from trade initiation to close.

Being traders ourselves we understand the emotions of a trade much better than any other service. Hence, you would not be flooded with bucket loads of calls that leaves you guessing which trades to take and which trades to leave.

We believe in honesty, integrity, and professionalism to trading and providing trading advice.