Jan 302014


Were you able to capitilize on the recent wild moves in Gold? We did.  Not only have we got a low risk entry point we have been able to make use of the wild gyrations of the last few days. Here is a screen shot of an update sent to those who purchased the Gold and Silver medium term view:

Gold Update

Gold corrected as expected from 1270's to 1248 and once again bounced from 1248 to 1270.


Part of the trade idea was to go long on a just -OTM put. After the report was published, PNB's 560 put appreciated from 5 to 42, 580 put appreciated from 10 to 62 , 8 fold increase and 6 fold increase depending on which strike was taken.

Both these posts - PNB and  precious metals have useful trend guidance that can come in handy for the slightly longer term trader (albeit at a higher risk level now). If you would like to know what are the decision points (targets, key levels, stop loss) and where these securities are headed, click the purchase button( click here for PNB and here for Gold and Silver key words -credit/debit cards and paypal accepted).


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