Jul 112010

Hi everyone, I've been erratic with my posts and that will continue to be the case all through July. I'm relocating out of UK and my time and energy is focused on the relocation. Hopefully, by 1st of August Ill be all set in Singapore and updates on this blog should get regular.

Will keep updates coming as and when time permits until then.

Good trading to you all.

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  3 Responses to “Relocating”

  1. Hi, what is the date of relocation? Any plans of India (Chennai and/or Mumbai) visit in the near future?

  2. Trend is my friend, with Grizzly on the Bend, Nandi would like to amend . Stay friendly with the bear for 3-4 weeks. Despite being Eternal, Sublime and immortally bullish, Nandi stays with the Mandi of Bhaloo,. Live and let live. Jungle law is fair.Nandi will stay with the Bhaloo- the bear for a few days.
    Peaches and plums and pears, and cherries are only attractive the real zing for the Nandi is in the Mangoes,Jackfruit and Milk and Honey. Would share that with the bear for a few days. But being an Eternal bull, will come back to help all those in distress..the Red bulls … but that is when NIFTY is $terms is trading at the very lows. Singapore man will be well settled by then. Come on la. settle fast la and make us some money aa…


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