Nov 082011

Just look at the chart below - if you were wondering why did Nifty open lower when SGX Nifty was up or why did Nifty suddenly spike up from the low of the day - here is one snapshot that tells you everything. The time stamp at the bottom are London time. If you place these charts side by side for anyday in the last few weeks, it has a striking similarity.

EUR and Nifty

All interference work temporarily. Resources are finite. Once resources and words are exhausted, the underlying trend takes over.. with even more vigour.

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  2 Responses to “Just one snap shot”

  1. Jai,

    Sorry I am a little dense but what do the two charts indicate?

    That there are vested interests trying to push it up but no follow-up happening?
    That the idea is to try and trigger stoplosses for the shorts? Create an impression that buying is coming in so people will cover the shorts and maybe even go long?
    But if followup does not come through then eventually the trend will be followed and because of all these machinations that whenever it happens it will be sharp so that most people will not be able to make money?
    Even in fact lose money because there will not be enough time to exit long positions?

    • Agile,

      The idea is to keep dollar down and euro up. Rest of the events are a by-product. Point: watch the euro – nothing else seems to matter 🙂


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