Oct 102011

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  1. Dear Sir,
    Please register my mail id for timely information.

  2. what r yours subscription charges

  3. Hi Jai, What you say about Nifty not breaking 4700 ? Now its going towards 5000, which I predict earlier, I think many of your followers short Nifty in expectation of breaking 4700 . Now please tell me what your chart say now, when Nifty break 4700 and TCS break 700 ? give us some specific date.Hope your money management system in tact, please teach your followers also some money management system, otherwise they loss their shirts.

    • Well I hope that at least you are making money on your own calls. And that is good. We each should use our own discretion in our trading because ultimately it is our money, right?

      I would like to point out here that if one has been following Jai for some time now, one would have already bought a few suits, so a shirt or two is I think no big deal.

      However, as of now, till his view changes, no shirts are lost, it is only mark-to-market if in futures and in puts/calls, then nothing as yet.

      Furthermore, Jai puts up his views and people come here to read those, which are generally medium to long term. And so far he has been very good; very, very good indeed.

      Cheers and Fruitful trading to all.

    • Mr Azad,
      News flash: Last week’s low was 4728. The breach of 4750 was successful. Looks like your monitor is frozen.
      And your constant support of 4825 was gone convincingly.

      News flash again: your 1 week target of 5050 given last week is still 1.5% away. If by any chance it gets there – we also know to throw darts.
      Thank you,

    • Azad,

      One thing that stand out with Jai Bala is his integrity along with his trading calls. Read his intreviews or browse this blog then you can understand yourself. Please do not use this blog to vent your frustration.


    • Mr Azad,

      If somebody needs money management skills, they may need to start from the basics and this may not be the ideal forum for them.

      But somebody like you may need to start at a level even lower than that : learn common sense first.

      Please give us ‘Azadi’ from your non-sensical posts

  4. Hi Mr.Jai ,
    I am an 18 year old boy from Mumbai. I see you on TV and am impressed with your predictions, especially on NIFTY. I also want to learn technical analysis in depth but I am not aware from where should I learn. Please guide me Sir. Please suggest a place/institute/person who can teach me in any place (even a foreign country/institute will do). How much experience should one have after having learnt tech analysis for becoming a pro ? Thanks a million 🙂
    – Akash 9702085455

    • Hi Akash,

      Technical Analysis is not an exact science. It’s partially art. While books/ Organisation can provide you the foundation that by itself will not make up the building. One needs to practice, make mistakes, learn from the mistakes and keep refining their skill. The STA (www.sta-uk.org) can provide the education side of TA.

      In my opinion, it is not the number of years that make you a pro – you just know you are a pro or not. The truth is always in front of us – the profit and loss statement of our broking account. If someone can make money from the market, every month, every year, be it a bull market or bear market – then he/she is a pro.

      All the best,

  5. Hi, Jai

    This is not good from your side, why you not publish my comment ? are you afraid of me, that I am proving you wrong ? please show your sportsmen spirit and publish my comment.


    • Hi Azad,

      I do not know what you are talking about but Yes I’m very, very afraid of you. Actually very very very afraid. Thanks, at the end of a long day I need such comic relief.

      • Hey Jai,

        Finally u gave a certain “Mr. Freedom” his/her/dunno fifteen minutes of fame…oops 15 seconds of fame….


  6. hello sir
    in how many days or weeks can i expect forex service from your side

  7. Hi Jai,

    When you expect CNX IT coming down below 5000 and TCS below 700 ? In this year or 2012 ?


  8. Thankyou so much Mr. Bala . I owe you a lot now. 🙂
    But just two last questions . Should I opt for doing an online course from STA or go to UK and learn practically ? Also I found about IFTA and MTA as well. Which one is the best and what course should I do ? Thanks and I hope we meet some day as fellow analysts. Please give me your blessing as well. 🙂
    – Akash

    • Akash,

      STA diploma, will lead you to IFTA certification. STA also has a distance learning curriculum. MTA – knowledge wise would be the same but it has 3 levels to clear but STA/IFTA are 2 levels. MTA a bit more expensive. Unless you think you are going to live in the US and work there, it does not make much difference.

      All the best,

  9. But Sir you didn’t say whether to opt for their online course and learn it at home or learn it practically at their institute in Europe? Promise I wont ask you any more questions. Thanks a million 🙂

  10. Hello Jai,
    Sorry i think i am posting on wrong thread…actually wanted your guide once….have sold call 5600 dec on nifty, now i think if nifty breaks 5169 and moves above 50 ema, then i think it could be bullish and i would have to square off. need ur expert advice and opinion sir…..

    • Dear Harsh,

      Unfortunately, I’m not in a position to comment about your existing trades. All I can say is I have not changed my view on markets.

      All the best,

      • thanks jai,
        i got the message!!! and yeah please try to accept the membership fees through CCs!!! i am in…big fan of yours jai..

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