May 262011

Jai Bala will be on CNBC-TV18's "Bazaar" on 27th May 2011 between 8:30am and 9:10 am Indian Standard time to discuss market trends.

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  1. Hi Jai,

    I think it will be lot useful for us if you create a new ‘page’ for CNBC interview alerts instead of posting between blog posts.

  2. hello sir
    can you post the video waiting for that

  3. hello sir

    very worthy views.which can help all

  4. Jai You said Nifty will not cross 5650. We are now at 5600. Has your view changed? What if Nifty crosses 5650 level? What will be the alternate scenario?


  5. Hi Jai Bala,

    I do have some questions for you.

    1. In order to understand market action I use Moving averages, Trend lines. I use them because they give consistent values and constant projections at any time line. Where as Oscillators gives in consistent projections based upon the inputs we give to them. Along with MA, TL I understand patterns contextually and that makes me to feel the market as a single entity. And I trade according to that. My question is am I not able to understand the oscillators properly? Can you suggest me any one (there are hundreds available)?

    2. puts, calls and their irrational exuberance constantly throwing ‘some’ signals about market action. Just by watching them with naked eye I get a feel for the market. I always thought if I comprehend their behavior properly I can trade more effectively. Is there any better way to use them effectively? (oscillator ?)

    Jai Bala,I hope I am not asking too much.

    • Hi Kishan,

      You can use any of the standard indicators with their default settings or do a lot of backtest to arrive at your own settings. Essentially, they have the same effect. Some might prefer MFI while some would prefer stochastics or RSI. It’s all a question of developing a feel for one of them. One thing I can say is that do not look for confirmation from same type of oscillator – as they essentially measure the same. First, look at the charts without any indicators, then add indicators – all of them should deliver the same message. If you have that, you have a high probability set up.

      Hope that helps.

      Good trading,

  6. Thanks a lot Jai Bala for taking time out to explain. I will follow your advice.

  7. Jai you did not reply to me


  8. Nirav,

    Markets are probabilistic in nature and hence at every point there are several possible outcome. At the moment this seems like the most likely outcome, at least to me. Unless proven otherwise it is best to work with the most likely outcome.

    Good trading to you,

  9. hello was very interesting to read your today’s interview

  10. Hi Jai

    Congrats and Very Happy to see you in CNBC-TV18 today.
    All your hard work sitting awake the whole night from UK and tracking NSE has paid off.

    I can see an expert & credible market forecasts and satisfied blog comments.
    Keep me posted. Convey my regards to Aishwarya.


    Krishna Kichenamourty

    • Hey Krishna,

      Great to hear from you after so many years!! Rest in my email to you.


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