Apr 262010

This particular bank is on a multi-year breakout. A daily close above current levels(514) will reiterate the breakout.


Disclosure: I do not hold any position in this stock but intend to load up once the stock closes above 514.

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  4 Responses to “A banking stock at the verge of a huge breakout”

  1. Corporation Bank??

  2. Hey Bala,
    what is the password for your latest post???

  3. Hi,
    I happened to see you speak on CNBC TV18. I checked thru your website & found that you do advise traders.

    I have been trading in the stock & commodity markets for about 10 years now, but i should admit i have lost a lot money and never gained.

    To be frank i have sought advise from all and sundry(websites, SMS, etc), but not been able to cover my losses.

    But i am still optimistic that i can get back all that only here & nowhere else.

    Please provide me details on how i can subscribe to your services.

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