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  1. hai

    i don’t understand ” quoting your email address as reference for unique identification” .suppose i pay directly to your account in hdfc bank. how is it possible

    • Hi Sara,

      There will be a reference field while making online payment right? Just fill your email address there. There could be 2 sara’s but I need to match payments right? even for the same Sara born on same day, same place email id wud be unique, so I can match the payment.

      Hope that helps.

  2. hi jai,

    what is the amount of capital one needs to have to start trading on ur advisory services? what is the amount of capital in % terms one needs to allocate to each call?

    • Hi Ananth,

      In General, one should allocate equal capital across calls. Since this is how my trading journal will look, I will concurrently not keep more 6-7 positions open and I will NOT trade with anything less than 5 laks funded as capital in a broker account.

      Hope that helps,

  3. Hi Jai,

    Nice to hear that you are starting this service. Finally your favourite bloggies can put their money where their praise is 🙂

    Have a few clarifications – the charge needs to recovered in three months plus the costs that an average broker would charge. Hence working backwards on this – what is the capital required and / or what is the kind of returns that one can expect? Also, On average what is the percentage of “calls” that would “possibly” hit stop loss and the remaining percentage will hit “target”? This info will assist to work out the costs, profits in three months, etc.

    • Hi Ranjeet,

      I’m sure you know that market is different at each point in time and hence results may not be exactly replicated. But I have always maintained a log of the technical signals and eventual results from them. Since 2002 I have an accuracy rate of 73% – I take losses 3 out 10 times. Rest of your Q’s are similar to what Ananth has asked.



  5. Dear Jai,

    Another request, for some, is it possible to send alerts on e-mail – since with mobile internet e-mail is more dependable & assured way to get the notifications!

    I will be joining anyways…

    Best Regards,

    • Parag,

      Do not worry about the delivery option, ill make sure there isnt a delay. Im also working on “push” feature.

  6. Jai Bala,

    Parag had a point. E-Mail is the best option than SMS.


  7. Jai Bala,

    I subscribed for the advisory service but I could not wait to subscribe for your technical analysis seminars.


  8. Hi Jai,

    Can you please confirm the following in regards to your Branch:
    MICR Code – 400240002
    IFSC Code – HDFC0000542

    Thanks & Regards,

  9. when does this start ?

    • Dear Krishnan,

      I think the critical number should be reached may be as early as today – once that level is reached, we will start right away. I got your details.


  10. hi jai,
    i trade nifty and bank nifty usually and dont trade on individual stock futures. what percentage of ur trading calls consist of nifty and bank nifty? my idea of asking this question is to know whether its worthy to trade on ur premium service having a trading capital of say 2 lakhs.?

    • Hi Ananth,

      I do not approach the market with any pre-determined strategy – so if I do not see an opportunity in Bank Nifty or Nifty there might not be one unless the market presents one. If you feel, there has to be a strategy on these 2 Indices every 3-10 days, I think I will have my reservation..

      All the best,

  11. Hi Jai

    How are people who make online transfer of funds suppose to provide you with their phone number for the trading calls.

    Prateek Sinha

    • Hi Prateek,

      Along with the payment details, Im capturing other information – please see #2 in the sign up page.

      Best regards,

  12. Jai..Done…Thanks


  13. Hi Jai…

    Congrats on getting the advisory up and running..
    I have 2 questions.. One is.. can this payment be made on a monthly basis? reason being my capital does not meet the 5lac mark however I dont want to miss out on the opportunity…
    Second.. are you going to stop providing your views/technical advice on this blog…?


    • Hi Julie,

      I will not be taking monthly subscription, it will be too much of admin overhead. Regarding the views on this blog – I do intend to keep posting non-premium content. I need to be fair to my subscribers and hence it will be more generic in nature.

      Best regards,

  14. If I may put in my two bit here:

    5 Lakhs would be a decent amount to start with. One can always start with less but less means you will have less returns comparatively and more obviously means you will have more returns. Besides as long as one trades equal amounts in all calls one is covered.

    If one starts with less, one should keep in mind that the recovery of the fees will take that much longer.

    Cheers and profitable trading.

  15. Hi Jay,Nice to see that you are starting the subscription service. I respect your comments highly. I have transferred the amount by NEFT and sent email. thanks

  16. Hi Jai,
    Good to know that you have sterted your service, just a few questions
    I only trade in the F&O and am a strict trader.
    1. Will you give the call on email or also on SMS
    2. Does your buy price come as “buy above” and sell as “sell below”
    3. Do you only give stop loss or also give price to reverse the postion?
    4. When will you start your service?

    Best Regards

    • Hi Freddy,

      Sorry I missed your query. I do not follow a stop and reverse methodology, I trade in the direction of the larger trend. The price at which an asset closes is the most important level for me. So more often, I would make a judgemental call based where the security is trading at 3pm. So there would be no subjectivity of “did it trigger or not”. Sometime, the judgement at 3pm is elusive – in those cases, the Buy above, sell below would be used the following day.

      I intend to start the service right away, this week once the number of subscriber reaches a threshold level (we are very close).

      Hope that helps.

  17. hi jai,

    i have one question on ur service.. u said you are more inclined to give positional calls … some times i too hold positions for week or so…… in such a case what ever calls we get on futures do u think they can be traded using options route… involving less capital of say 2 lakhs ……….as some bloggers asked that as they are having less capital to start…


  18. hi jai
    ” Nifty/Sensex trends for the short to medium term
    Technical trade signals on top 300 liquid stocks – both cash and futures segment
    Option strategies” ………………….. does this mean that u r site will have when to buy and when to sell signals with target / stoploss.?? please eloborate.


  19. sir i have sent payment thru NEFT, and also emailed u the details regarding it, kindly confirm on receipt

  20. Sir
    You have said critical level in some of your replies. That leads to my doubt question.Will be allowing subscribers to ask you doubts/questions/clarifications ? Or will it be a one way communication on specifics?

  21. Great ! Was hoping it will be a pure flow of your thought and not an agony aunt column after the interpretation/mistrades by subscribers.Will work out a separate capital and decide about the subscription. All the best.

  22. On the same subject. What capital should I have when i want to start trading with your calls ? How will I allocate capital between trades ? Basically at any given point of time how many working/active calls are we likely to have ? Wanted to know these to understand if I will be able to allocate the required capital. I remember reading your reply where you had said you are right 7/10 times. I would like to know so that I have the ability to trade on all calls and not end up taking 5 trades which might have the 3 losing trades thus killing your success ratio and hence my profits.

    • hi vikram,

      Someone else asked the same question and I had answered. I do not hold more than 6-7 concurrent positions (unless a position is already at my price objective). It has to be, say, for example Rs 50000 across all the trade set up. If you try to control Rs2.5laks worth in futures using margin and are not able to do the same in cash bcos of a higher margin requirement – that is a recipe for disaster.

      All the best,

  23. Hi,

    While I would have loved to apply for the subscription right at the time you posted the link, I can’t afford it, since I do not have such capital.

    However, I would like to congratulate you and wish you all the best for this endeavour……….as a fan, as i have been earlier, I will continuously keep following your blog, commnets and TV interviews, until the day I can afford the capital and subscribe………with the fervent hope that time you will accept such subcription.

    God bless and best wishes,


  24. Dear Jai,
    I would be definitely subscribing but not now may be one month after. Will the subscription be open at that time


  25. hai jai

    when u planing to start the subscription.i will join soon

  26. Hi Jai,
    Thanks for the reply to my previous queries. Sorry to bother you but these last two question
    Just for information I wanted to know what is the thump rule that you apply (in %) to stop loss from your target 1
    And the most important thing is, what if I do not want to enter the cash segment and only restrict to F&O. This is especially, as I read your comment “THAT IS A RECIPE FOR DISASTER”
    I do plan to join you, as I have been following you for some time and the best thing is that this will be positional plays can’t handle these intraday and hourly checking and I was looking for one.

    Best Regards

    Best Regards

    • Hi Freddy,

      It is never a fixed % as stop loss. It is the set up based several things – where in the trend the set up is occuring, what is the least potential, volatility etc. The bottom-line is if a trade setup does not have reward potential greater than risk – the set up is given a pass. If you have enough margin to be in 6-7 positions concurrently that is ok. The important thing is you should be controlling same rupee amount of stocks or futures across your trades.

      Best regards,

  27. Jai,
    Will you be looking at major Fx pairs and precious metals in international market?


    • Hi Shiva,

      If you are an active trader who trades only forex you would be better off waiting for a little longer (say aimed 30-50 pips every day). I would be covering FX and PM’s from a swing trading perspective.

      Best regards,

  28. Pl advise , if I can take premium services

  29. How to register for premium membership ??

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